Subject: Question about wskbd/wsmouse config in netbsd-macppc
To: NetBSD-macppc <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/11/2003 22:08:45
The man page on wscons(4) says it should be configured as:

     wsdisplay* at ...
     wskbd*     at ... mux N
     wsmouse*   at ... mux N

Looking through src/sys/arch/*/conf/*, there seems to be some dispute
between the various ports about whether the "mux N" is necessary.  The
macppc port currently omits it in the supplied configs.

Quite some time ago, I seem to remember finding that hot-plugging USB
keyboards for console use didn't work right unless I added 'mux' lines to
the config.  (This was in the late 1.5-current time frame IIRC.)

The man page on wsmux(4) says that "all keyboard devices except the console"
should specify a mux.  Since it's pretty rare for a machine to have more
than one physical keyboard, this doesn't make much sense.

Thoughts, anyone?

-- monroe
Monroe Williams