Subject: Re: mule
To:, Ken Nakajima <>
From: Michael Lorenz <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 11/26/2002 08:20:56
26.11.2002 03:34:15, Ken Nakajima <> wrote:

>Hi, all
>I am a novice user. I am now currently running NetBSD/macppc 1.6 on 
>PowerBook 3400c and try to install mule-2.3nb1 from NetBSD-current 
>pkgsrc. Then, I met the following error message,
>gmake[1]: *** [movemail] Error 1,
>gmake[1]: *** [lib-src] Error 2,
These errors mean, that something called by gmake ( gcc for a guess ) failed while gmake tried to build movemail and lib-src.

>resulting in a failure.
>Does anybody know how to solve this problem?
Look for previous, possibly gcc errors, post them to the list if they don't make sense to you. Start gmake again to see only the errors.

have fun