Subject: Re: newer G4 models and panic: lockmgr: pid 0, not exclusive lock holder
To: None <>
From: Makoto Fujiwara <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 07/06/2002 11:16:00
Aymeric> OF_call_method() can return negative values different from -1 to
Aymeric> indicate failure.

Thanks Aymeric,

I have confirmed this patch makes G4/800MP  to boot fine,
(although this machine freezes shortly with random timing still).
And other 3 machines boot fine with the same kernel.

OF 3
(1) G4/800 MP
    BootROM version is:
    Apple PowerMac3, 5 4.2.5f1 BootROM built on 08/16/01 at 22:19:35

OF 2.0.2 
(2)  StarMax 3000/240 boots fine (with 20020630 snapshot)
    boot ata/ata-disk@0:0 netbsd.5
OF 3 machines,
(3) G4/400 AGP
    boot cd:,ofwboot.xcf ultra1:10/netbsd.5
    Apple PowerMac3, 1 2.2f1 BootROM built on 01/28/00 at 17:54:48
(4) iBook/SE 1999 (the very first graphite version)
    boot hd:12,ofwboot.xcf hd:13/netbsd.5
    Apple PowerMac2, 1 4.1.7f4 BootROM built on 03/20/10 oat 17:20:48
Makoto Fujiwara,