Subject: PPC 603e-more specific troubles
To: None <>
From: Zelko Slamaj <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 01/15/2002 18:44:19

Again me, Zelko from Vienna :-))) Ok, I've managed to get into Open Firmware
(v.2.0 btw). But (of course) I'm facing now even more weird problems

1.) I can boot that thing from a disk. Well, sometimes. Ok, it booted ONCE
(but I guess, this is due to the old, crappy disks I've lyin' around here).

2.) I can't boot from a CD (internal SCSI-CD-rom). I've downloaded the
iso-image for ppc, burnt it,... nothing. "cant't open...." I've set that
thing even to ID7. I've tried "boot scsi/sd@0:7,ofwboot.xcf....." but no
chance, says illegal partition, using 0

3.) I have the files on my hard-disk, but it won't start neither....

What am I making wrong?! By now I've read all the howto's, faq's, .....
Seems like I'm somehow stuck with Murhy's law :-/

The more I know Windows,
the more I love Macintosh and Linux.