Subject: Re: getting debugging messages from ums.c? more than three buttons
To: None <,>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-macppc
Date: 01/04/2002 02:06:40
> But is it basically trivial [to not send to both Derek and the list]?
> Yes, any one instance of it is trivial.  And I'm happy to do it.

> The part that is not trivial is remembering it.  More to the point,
> remembering Derek doesn't want to be directly contacted, and instead
> wants to use list posting instead, or he'll grumble at you.

The simple thing to do here is to _always_ send to just the list,
unless you think the person may not be on the list.  This message, for
example, would have gone

To: Bill Studenmund <>, <>

except that I know Bill Studenmund is on port-macppc, so I deleted, sending only to port-macppc.  Not because Bill has
specifically asked for it, but rather because he's not asked for the
converse that I recall, and I try to be polite when possible - and to
me that inclues not sending two copies of the same thing to people

> For better or worse, Derek, your preference is unique.

This..."turns out not to be the case".  I share it, and I have seen at
least two other people express the same preference (usually in rather
exasperated terms), though quite likely on other lists.  Indeed, on
spamtools, one person routinely signs with

off-list copies of on-list replies are not appreciated here,
so when you edit this out, be sure to edit the headers too

I suspect a comparatively large number of people share the preference
and simply are not aware why they're getting duplicates of some stuff,
haven't bothered to ask, or in frustration have given up asking.

> Other people have different preferences.  I personally like getting
> multiple copies.

Okay. goes back into the To: header.  (Happily, in
this case, both recipients are and hence the extra copy
doesn't chew up any of _my_ bandwidth, at least :-)  I'll try to
remember to leave you in as an individual recipient in the future,
Bill, though admittedly I'll probably forget sometimes.

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