Subject: Re: getting debugging messages from ums.c? more than three buttons
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-macppc
Date: 01/03/2002 20:13:08
>>>> And please don't Cc: me.  I already said that in my last message!
>>> I'm not, so quit whining.  (I'm CC:ing port-macppc.)

(Sending direct to Derek Cc:ing the list is only technically not Cc:ing
Derek.  This is a quibble.)

>> ... which then sends the message on to me, and both your copy to me
>> and the one from port-macppc end up in my inbox.  I don't need or
>> want two copies of the same message.

> Unfortunatly though you will need to learn to adapt, or set the
> reply-to in your messages to the list.

I guess basic politeness - doing something basically trivial to make
someone else's life a little easier, when asked nicely - is dead, then?
Yes, it takes a second or so longer to remove all the unnecessary
people from the headers.  *I* am willing to spend that second for the
sake of being nice to people.  Is nobody else?!

I occasionally forget, it's true.  I much more often will be unsure
whether someone is on-list and send an individual copy to be safe,
especially near the beginning of a conversation.

> Addressing the message to you and cc'ing the list keeps the
> converstaion going (it is to you) yet keeps the list involved too.

Since Derek is on the list, simply sending it to the list and nowhere
else would do that very nicely.  Sending a copy to Derek and another to
the list is unnecessary bandwidth wastage and unnecessary Derek

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