Subject: C500 Installation
To: None <>
From: K Mart <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 11/07/2001 08:52:35
So, I've seen some caveats for installing on Valkarie machines, esp.
the problem with booting from the onboard video in OF.  Is there
anything else us poor owners of these odd machines should know?  I
think this may warrant further investigation on my part, and maybe a
specific mention in the list of machines affected.  I have a Umax
C500/240 that I've been wanting to get NetBSD on, but have been waiting
for more RAM as it has only the builtin 16MB.  I got the machine pretty
bare (no mon./kb/mouse/hd/RAM/CPU/manuals) and have wanted to turn it
into something useful.  I have yet to get the CD-ROM tested, but I can
get it to boot MacOS from a spare IDE HDD.  I assume once I get more
RAM to play with I should be able to use either a zip or cd to boot,
and be fine, now that I know about the video console problem.

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