Subject: Powerbook G3 (3500) Installed Cannot Boot
To: None <>
From: S Lafredo <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 10/12/2001 21:50:50

I have finally been able to install NetBSD 1.5.2 on my Powerbook G3
which some refer to as a PB3500. Specifically, a M3553.

I have read the, FAQ, Apple TN1061, TN1062 and TN1044. And
have learned way more about OF than I wanted too :) but still not

I had the hardest time installing NetBSD on this machine b/c the OF
configuration recommendation in the and FAQ would not work
for this OF 2.0.1 machine?

I was finally able to install the NetBSD by performing a 3 chime PRAM
reset. This set the OF back to its' defaults and removed the System
Disk patches. I also had to use the machine real-base and load-base
defaults of -1 and 4000, respectively. For whatever reason the CD would
not boot using any combination of F00000 and 600000.

I can now boot an ISO CD using the OF command...

boot atapi:0,OFWBOOT.XCF NETBSD_RAM.GZ <return>

Now that I have NetBSD installed and configured on my internal IDE
drive   I am attempting to configure OF to boot netbsd, but cannot find
the correct commands to boot the internal IDE drive. I get 'cannot
open' and DEFAULT CATCH! errors, so I am obviously not using the
correct parameters.

I have tried modifying the real-base and load-base parameters but nada.

Currently, I have again done a 3 chime PRAM reset and changed tried
combinations of these parameters...

auto-boot?    false   <- until I find the correct boot configuration
real-base     -1      <- default
load-base     4000    <- defaultboot-command  boot    <-default
boot-device   ata0    <- none of these work?
boot-file     netbsd  <- none of these work?

Using the OF prompt I have also tried...

boot ata0:0,netbsdboot ata0:0,/netbsd
boot ata0:0,NETBSD
boot ata0:8,netbsd
boot ata0:13,netbsd

Any suggestion?



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