Subject: Re: Beige G3 - OF 2.4 - can it be done?
To: NetBSD macppc <>
From: caportel <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 07/21/2001 17:00:06
on 7/21/01 1:29 PM, Michael Wolfson at wrote:

> English is my first language, and sometimes I document things that aren't
> clear to people who do not understand English very well.  If you happen to
> find things like this, let me know, and we can work out something that is
> worded better.

I can read English very well, just need more conversation. I'm pleased to
help anyway.

> :)>> setenv boot-device ide1/disk@0:0,ofwboot.xcf
> :)>> setenv boot-file netbsd.macppc
> :)>> reset-all
> :)>
> :)> Is the boot-file environment needed? I never needed it for
> :)> anything.
> :)
> :)In this case with the patches, yes.
> So, if I understand y'all right, if you have applied the System Disk
> patches, you *always* must enter a boot-file.  Under what conditions is
> this necessary?  That is, which of the following:  booting from a floppy,
> booting from an ISO CD, booting from a file on an HFS partition, booting
> from 'partition zero', booting from the network.

In OF 2.0f1, to boot from a hybrid CD (HFS/ISO) the boot-file is necessary.
Not tried network yet. In the command line of OF I can boot from disk
(ide/scsi) and floppy where normal procedure works without defining
boot-device and boot-file:

boot scsi/sd@0:0 #(twice)
boot fd:0 #(twice,too)

If you don't specify the boot-file for the CD (the boot-device), you'll need
to type it in the beginning of the boot because ofwboot halts at this point.

And I can boot the floppy setting it like the boot-device with and without
the nvramrc patches:

setenv boot-device fd:0,ofwboot
setenv boot-file netbsd
setenv boot-command begin ['] boot catch 999 ms cr again #(without this, no
way to work)

It seems that OF needs partition 0 because in both cases in the first line
of booting I got the "bad partition number - using 0-" message.

> Can you still boot from the command line, such as:
> boot ide1/disk@0:0,ofwboot.xcf netbsd.macppc

No, only with the patches. I tried the command above before and got the
"can't OPEN" error. Even with these patches there's no way to boot direct
from OF command line, it's necessary to specify the boot-device (CD), the
boot-file and restart. If this fail you can use shut-down and turn on.

It's very tiresome to handle this OF. After all, I think I need to know
Forth programming...

Carlos Portela