Subject: Re: AWACS output redirection ?
To: Peter Fairbrother <>
From: Samuel Hornus\[Isobel\] <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/15/2001 03:20:13
On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Peter Fairbrother wrote:

> > Samuel Hornus[Isobel] at wrote:
> >
> > is there a way (using audioctl or mixerctl or ?) to
> > have the sound output from my G4 macintosh to go to external
> > speaker ? or hasn't it been implemented yet ?
> > (internal speaker sucks ! ;-))
> >
> > Thanks !
> What model G4 do you have? How does the sound get to the external speakers?
> USB? Analog?

G4 400Mhz, very first generation (sawtooth, ATI128) sound get to the
external speaker through the analog headphone minijack.

	mixerctl -w monitor.output=headphones

simply shut-down the sound.

I have recompiled a kernel with a modified awacs.c that enforces
external outputs to be enabled (at least not enabled) but it doesn't do
anything (well... I don't mean I have understood the whole awacs.c so I
may have done some wrong coding ! : I simply switch to commands in

(another little question that should be for the netbsd-help list :
 CD playback works, but simply do not outputs any signal, neither through
the internal speakerm nor through the external one (via headphone
jack)... what is the buzz ??)