Subject: wdc VS pciide
To: None <>
From: Samuel.Hornus <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/11/2001 09:22:10

It seems that wdc and pciide provides the same functionnality at the same
level of abstraction for the 'upper' driver wd.
'man wdc' says that "PCI IDE controllers in legacy mode are also
     supported, but the pciide(4) driver may provide more functionality"

I have a G4 with a IBM brand new IDE hard disk.
I have problems with it (see 'daily cronjob freezes the machine' post)
So I would like to know wether, on my machine, changing wdc for pciide is
an (better) alternative ? in order to avoid the lost_interrupt crash.

Thanks in advance for your wise advice !