Subject: Re: using a serial connection was Re: from the I ...
To: , NetBSD MacPPC Mailing List <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/09/2001 00:52:30
on 6/8/01 9:26 PM, at wrote:

> How can I start the machine?
> With the PowerMacintosh 6500/300 I don't have a power switch, except
> for the power key on the keyboard. I am wondering if there is someway
> I can turn the machine back on, if I should happen to turn it off or
> lose power. It seems that there must be some way, or why would the
> machine be designed to work through the serial port if the only way to
> turn it on is with the keyboard.

    Are you absolutely sure that there is no power switch? I thought there
was a small plastic button built into the back of the case, about 1/4"
diameter in the upper corner.

    If there really isn't, there might be a connector on the motherboard for
soft-power on, or if you feel really devious, you can get a push button
switch, solder two wires onto it, and plug it into the right two holes in
the ADB port. Off the top of my head, there are five total connections on
ADB, the left two pins are DataTX and DataRX, the ground/sheild are the
outer metal part, and the right two pins are the equivalent of the power
key. Well if you short one of the two sets of pins it'll turn on, I just
don't remember which pair for sure.