Subject: Stop implementing IPv6 before real harm is done........please
To: None <>
From: T@W <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/01/2001 23:39:27
Hi all,

About the Internet Protocol Version 6 proposal [found at],
concerned people point to "the privacy issue contingent with IPv6 - namely
that one part of the new IP address would be the hardware address of the
network interface card it runs through".
Comments like:" it is a 'feature' rather than a trap door:"  are just
raising smokescreens

"The idea behind having fixed-width, 64-bit wide host identifiers is that
they aren't assigned manually as in IPv4. Instead, v6 host addresses are
recommended (not mandated!) to be built from so-called EUI64 addresses.
EUI64 addresses are -- as the name says -- 64-bits wide, and derived from
MAC addresses of the underlying network interface. For example, with
Ethernet, the 6-byte (48-bit) MAC address is usually filled with the hex
bits "fffe" in the middle -- the MAC address."

See also

So my  plead is : "Abandon!"