Subject: Villagetronic? [was: Re: Brooktree support]
To: None <>
From: T@W <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/01/2001 16:52:21
Although I've said in my previous mail that the ATI card would be the
option for me, it turns out that it isn't:
after quering some retailers/importers about ATI it emerges from them that
Apple (will) make(s) less and less use of ATI.
(ATI slowly but surely going out of the Applebusiness altogether? see also
article below)

So my next option could be a Villagetronic.
Does anybody has experience with these?


"3rd Party ATi Products on the horizon

ATI has unveiled a new business strategy that will see the Company enter
into manufacturing and distribution partnerships with leading original
design manufacturers (ODMs) and add-in board manufacturers (AIBs) - a move
that will significantly increase sales and distribution penetration of ATI
chip technologies worldwide. Practically that means ATI will now let third
party manufacturers to make cards based on chips developed by ATI.

It does not mean we will not see ATI branded products in the future - ATI
will continue to provide chips and board products to OEMs in the value,
mainstream, high-end and workstation markets and will continue to support
ATI branded products in the retail channel. What we will definitely see,
are, for example, Hercules or ASUS branded products based on RADEON or
RADEON2 chipsets.

More precise information about the new business strategy will be unvealed
at Computex next week. "