Subject: Booting G3 rev. A from external SCSI?
To: None <>
From: Christian Demmer <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 05/29/2001 18:43:53

I am a completly new to BSD and UNIX in general, so please be patient 
if the problem is stupidity.

I am trying get NetBSD 1.5 running on my G3 (configuration below) 
from an external SCSI drive. I used an ISO cd and a boot floppy for 
installation. The installation-kernel booted happily and the 
installer did his job without complaining. Afterwards I told open 
firmware too boot from sd0 (where I installed BSD) via
setenv boot-device scsi/sd@0:0
and all I get is

default catch: code FFF00700 AT %SRR0 FF85A92C %SRR1 00081070

I tried setting load and real-base using system-disk and manually in 
open firmware the result is allways the same. The hints in the 
install manual seem to apply to problems booting the install-kernel 
only, so I don't know where to look further.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


G3 Revision A with 466 MHz processor and new ROM revision: $77D.45F1
288 MB RAM
internal IDE 20 GB and CD drive.
ixMicro ix3D 128 PCI card
OrangeMicro Firewire and USB PCI card
external(onboard) SCSI drive 1GB with id 0