Subject: Re: Can an older Mac mini-din connect to a USB for a serial
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 05/07/2001 20:48:43
At 7:22 PM -0400 5/7/01, wrote:

:)Does anyone know how I could establish a serial connection between the
:)printer port on my PowerMac 6500/300's mini-din serial printer port
:)and a USB port on my my iMac. I just realized my life is actually
:)easier if I don't have to hook up a monitor to get at the Open

How should I word the docs to imply this (as it really is true when first
starting out).

:)Is there a cable? an adapter? do I need one of those usb to serial
:)converters? How cheap can I do it? Will someone who's done it let me

You got it.  I use a Keyspan Twin Serial Port Adapter USA28x, which costs
around US$70.  You could probably get a cheaper "PDA" USB adapter for about
US$40.  Then you plug in a normal printer cable (it's really a null-modem
cable) and use Zterm to set up the connection.

Good luck,
  -- MW