Subject: Re: Dumb question re package source
To: Andrew White <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 04/23/2001 11:11:00
Mutt made me believe that Andrew White wrote:
> Navigating the packages web pages (ie
> "" and children),
> I can find out how to pull down precompiled packages and install them. 
> However, I can't find any way to pull down the source of a particular
> package directly from the web and build from source.

I'm not sure you understand how pkgsrc works. pkgsrc is just a
collection of patches and knowledge to simplify building programs

To use pkgsrc, you get pkgsrc.tar.gz, or check out the pkgsrc
collection via cvs or sup; you could theoretically only get parts of
it, but this will get ugly quick, since for each package you want to
install, you need all the dependent packages' subdirs, too...

So the ordinary way to use it is to get the whole of it, which isn't
that big, really (I'd guess around 30MB extracted).  That doesn't mean
you have to get _all_ the source files for each package in pkgsrc
(~2GB now, I'd guess); if you do 'cd category/package; make' and don't
have the distribution file available, it will be downloaded
automatically (appropriate connectivity presumed).

Follow-up should go to tech-pkg, since that list is more appropriate
for these questions.


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