Subject: Re: Installing NetBSD on 7300/200
To: None <>
From: Ralph Dratman <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 02/02/2001 23:33:02
Mike and Henry, & the List,

Thanks for your replies. Yes, I might be interested in helping. Can't 
make any big promises... but I could start by trying to understand 
BootX. Where would I get the sources for that?


Ralph Dratman

>On Thu, 1 Feb 2001 10:27:51 -0800, Henry B. Hotz pondered thusly:
>>  Usually it comes up as:  gee it would be nice if someone would make
>>  NetBSD boot from BootX.  The latter is under GPL, but it could be
>>  handled the same way we handle gcc & friends, and the author has said
>>  he will accept NetBSD patches.  Also BootX will boot the older,
>>  non-OF PPC Macs giving us a route to supporting them with derivatives
>>  of the Mac68k drivers.
>>  The down side is that BootX is not a NetBSD product and all of us
>>  understand the tools we have a lot better than we understand BootX.
>>  Feel like working on any of this stuff?  Then you get to choose 
>>how to fix it!
Whereas at 6:12 PM -0500 2/1/01, M L Riechers wrote:
>Well said.
>Sometimes we miss the oportunity to give others a glimpse of how and
>why certain things are done (or not done), and our motivations behind
>what we do, and the constraints we have to work under. This is a nice
>little gem that both explains our booting/OF frustrations, and answers
>a very common new user question.
>Any chance you could get it somewhere near a FAQ or How-To?