Subject: Re: partition questions
To: CDE Francis <>
From: Christian Foerster <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 12/11/2000 16:04:47
>>But keep in mind, that Drive Setup initializes your whole disk. So 
>>back up all your data!
>Hmm...that could be annoying. I purposefully left several GB
>  unformatted, assuming that I would be able to go back later
>  and add more partitions without disturbing the current ones.

At the moment, It=B4s the only way which works. Because there is no 
other partioning tool for Mac OS out there than Apples Disk Drive 
which is able to create Apple_UNIX_SVR partions with the right 4.4BSD 
flags in it.

Bob Nestor wanted to add these functionality to pdisk, which you 
could use for partioning your hd without intializing the whole disk. 
But I don=B4t whether he has been succesful with it or not?