Subject: suggestions for INSTALL
To: None <>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 11/14/2000 19:09:58
Since I haven't even managed to boot a kernel yet, so take these with a
grain of salt - then again they might be useful coming from somebody who
doesn't know what thye're doing. Any comments?

NB page numbers from the BETA2

the netbsd.ram.gz kernel is mentioned in several places without saying what
it is. My guess is it creates and populates a ramdisk so you can run
sysinst - even when you've booted of a disk you're about to format. This is
not unique to macppc install notes, but I've never had to think about it
before - I've just booted the i386 floppy disks.

could mention that ofwboot.xcf & ofwboot.elf are identical and differ only
in being XCOFF/ELF format respectively. Can you use ELF with all versions
of OF?

p26 has under "The Quick Installation": 'desribed'

p16 under HFS or HFS+ file system" (OF2.4, OF3) says "you will not be able
to load the kernel from HFS or HFS+"

yet p18 under "Boot off an HFS or HFS+ partition (OF3)" tells you "Boot the
kernel directly (ie without the use of a bootloader)"

maybe p16 needs addition saying you can boot kernel, but only under OF3 and
only when not using bootloader?

FWIW I got a "CLAIM failed" trying this under OF3.0.f2 on an iMac (FW
upgraded from 3.0.f3)
still happened when this was first OF command after a boot

There's no description of what either the OF boot command really does, nor
what the ofwboot bootloader does - even the draft manpage doesn't really
describe why the bootloader is needed. An example where this description
might help is near bottom of p15. It says "OF3 systems can load the kernel
without the use of a bootloader". I suspect this will not work with gzipped
kernels - at least I got some msg about wrong format. I'm guessing one
feature of the NetBSD bootloader not in the OF 'boot' command is
recognizing and unzipping binaries before loading them

it says the HFS{+} partition could be as high as 9. If you're quick, you
can actually see the partition number when doing a 'mac-boot' - assuming
you want to run the bootloader off the startup MacOS volume. You see the
one line command need middle of screen ending something like "...disk@0:5

I suspect its not available, but is there an 'ls' under OF or the bootloader?
It would really help when your attempts to boot off a CDROM fail - "file
not found".  There's just too many variables - have I got the device spec
right? have I guessed the ISO9660 mangled name properly? did I burn CD

Danny Thomas