Subject: Re: X :(
To: Gregory Smith , Bob Nestor <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 10/23/2000 16:03:22
At 12:18 AM -0400 10/23/00, Gregory Smith wrote:
>	MacX 2.0 is nice, too, definitely more polished than MI/X or 
>eXodus. I prefer VNC, though. Over my 10 Mb/s ethernet it seems more 
>responsive than any of the other solutions.

It has support for XDMCP (the login protocol implemented by XDM). 
However it wouldn't connect to the XDM in the 1.5 alpha snapshot in 
the default configuration.  Furthermore it showed an unfortunate 
tendency to crash my G4 at work while I was attempting this.  It also 
did not seem to be connecting with the font server on my Solaris box 


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