Subject: 0claim failed?
To: None <>
From: jhergan <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 10/08/2000 08:40:43
Sorry to ask what may be a dumb question, but as a newbie most of my 
questions are, well, newbie-ish, so here goes.
I'm trying to load the boot floppy (boot.fs from the 1.42 version of 
netbsd).  I made the disk as per the instructions (using SunTar).
I set the OF on my Performa 6360 with OF 2.0 using BootVariables (because 
Sytem Disk doesn't work on the Performa).  The variables I set are:
input-device kbd
output-device screen
boot-device fd:0
use-nvramrc true (but I don't know if this is right)
auto-boot false
boot-file ofwboot.xcf
load-base 6c0000

I couldn't find any additional patches for my firmware, but I can say 
that it does not look like Boot Variables added any patches.  

Then I reboot into OF with no problems.  And I type:
boot fd:0,ofwboot.xcf
and various permutations of that command.
And I get these errors:
"can't load from this device"
"claim failed"
"bad partition number using 0claim failed"

I can hear the floppy drive start to respond, but then I get an error.
I've also had the machine start spinning the floppy and then 
automatically rebooting into OF with the error "claim failed"

I used devalias to see the list of aliases (the floppy is 
/bandit/ohare/swim3) and dev / ls... 

I know that there must be a simple solution to this problem, but I have 
no idea what it is.
I searched the mail-list archives with no luck, and I searched apple's 
site, and the OF sites linked on the netbsd pages, and everything else 
under the sun : |

So:  any help out there?  Performas are know to work from what I can 
tell.  Is there a link to a page that I'm missing?

Grateful thanks for any help you can provide,