Subject: auto-reboot on WallStreet
To: None <>
From: charlie allom <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 09/27/2000 08:18:02

i have gotten OF to boot the 1.5ALPHA2 floppy on my new Wallstreet 250 :)
which i think is reason enough to be happy :)

(which is `boot fd2:,netbsd' - for the archives (fd2 being the left media
bay) btw - can anyone help with booting from the cd? i cant figure the OF

but once it goes thru the boot process itself, it reboots itself at a
point i cant quite see. the problem is, the wallstreet screen is cracked
at the top so i cant see that bit, and it scrolls incredibly fast
when it reboots.

i keep trying to see what exactly makes it reboot, but i doubt ill be able
to see.. anyone had this prob?

cheers. im hoping to have more luck with this machine than i did with the
3400c and the pismo OF tinkering that got me fired (hehe well that's


Melbourne, Australia - PGP available