Subject: Re: how to install 1.4.2 on PB3400C?
To: None <>
From: Eric Damien Berna <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 09/08/2000 14:30:33
At 9:36 AM -0700 9/8/00, Henry B. Hotz wrote:

>Anyone on the list have any better debugging suggestions?

Nope, but I have a work around.  Due to filtering in our router set 
up after a ping flood denial of service attack, I couldn't ping the 
other NetBSD box I was using to help set up a PB3400c.  Of course 
sysinst refused to trust me about the settings, so a network install 
wouldn't work.  My work around was to scrounge up an external CD-ROM 
drive.  I put the floppy drive module in the PB, booted from that, 
and installed from an ISO-9660 format CD I made on a Mac OS machine. 
Of course this will only work if you happen to have a drive and the 
HD-30 SCSI cable.  I borrowed both from a PB2400c user.

Good luck


Eric Damien Berna

NetBSD 1.3.3 on a Mac Quadra 800
NetBSD-current on a Power Mac 8500