Subject: Some help about Power Computing PowerBase 200
To: None <>
From: Detelin Batchovski <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 09/07/2000 06:32:26
Hello ,
my name is Detelin, and I have big problems with that Powerbase 200.
I really want install NetBSD on this box.
Now situation is:
1.My HDD is Seagate, 1.2Gb is empty.
2.When system is startup I only can view "Smiling Mac" or floppy disk icon
with question mark.
3. I have not Apple keyboard, so I use PS/2 keyboard (104 keys).

I was read a lot of information on, but I'm a newbie with Mac
In I read that PowerBase
systems are supported, with remarks "output-device
But I can't enter to OpenFirmware. Do anyone know how I can enter
OpenFirmware ?
Can anyone tell me what steps do I must make to install NetBSD ?
Can anyone put on ftpserver anywhere boot floppy disk fot Mac OS >== 7.5.3 ,
becouse my CD is 7.5, and that system don't support MacOS < 7.5.3 ?

Thank you in advance.