Subject: Re: Choosing a Unix
To: Jaron Omega <>
From: Hugh Caley <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 09/06/2000 13:41:25
I just want to point out that I have never gotten accelerated video by 
default using LinuxPPC, but it can certainly be turned on with an ATI 
card and you would probably find the performance quite useable.


Jaron Omega wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, David A. Gatwood wrote:
> >On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, David A. Gatwood wrote:
> >
> >> On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Jaron Omega wrote:
> >> 
> >> > None of the Free unix/unix-like OS's for the Mac can display graphics
> >> > very well, or better X11 performance is not too impressive.  This being
> >> > said in reference to my own experiance with dealing with X on a Performa
> >> > 6360 with 32M RAM and on a 233Mhz Beige G3 with 320M RAM.  Neither was
> >> > really able to run X well, not even across a network.  Linux/NetBSD
> >> > was the free unix(like) OS's I have run on them.
> >> 
> >> The 6360 is very different from the original poster's G3, though.  The
> >> beige G3 has an ATI chipset, for which video acceleration support has been
> >> available for both MkLinux and LinuxPPC for at least a year, probably two. 
> >
> >Never mind, I missed that you also tried on a G3.  I'm very surprised that
> >X didn't work well for you.  It seems quite responsive on every one I've
> >tried.  It's possible you were using an unaccelerated Xpmac/XFree server.
> This is very possible, as at least the LinuxPPC version was an ftp install
> of the then current release.  It ofcourse being RedHat based, launched into
> GNOME/Enlightenment, inwhich we all know, are resource monsters.  Seemed
> far too slugish for my tastes.  I blamed the ATI card within, I think its
> 8Mb.  But MacOS X Server's GUI responsivness in relation blew me away
> completely.  So MacOS X Server is doing something to push that 8Mb ATI vid
> card to full potential.
> Maybe after I transfer the data off the shared partitions of my G3 running
> NetBSD+nfs w/no monitor. I'll slap on LinuxPPC again and give X another shot
> with more in mind to tweak the default installation to optimal performance.
> One thing that is defanitely and atractive measure is running framebuffering
> at a high res, while running BitchX from the console.  Sigh, but theres
> work to do.. ;)  I have NO discipline when it comes to my home box's, I just
> want to have fun.
> Jaron Omega
> >David
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