Subject: Re: MAC installer
To: David A. Gatwood <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 08/16/2000 15:49:54
At 8:46 PM -0700 8/11/00, David A. Gatwood wrote:
>On Sat, 12 Aug 2000, bsduser wrote:
> > Are there any installer MAC software, like to 68K?  Where a select a
> > boot file and start the installation routine from Mac OS?
>It's a mac.  Just run the 68k installer if you want.  Should work, or at
>least it did last tie I tried.  :-)  Now as to whether there are install
>sets for macppc in the form of .tar.gz files, I have no idea.

If you have a PowerMac with SCSI then the mac68k installer will work 
with some caviats:

1) It's SLOW.
2) When you do a make devices in the installer the resulting driver 
numbers will be for port-mac68k, not port-macppc so you should do a 
sh /dev/MAKEDEV all as soon as you can after you get the system even 
partially working.
3) Port-macppc numbers scsi busses "incorrectly" so you should either 
create your own /etc/fstab and copy it in, or make sure that all your 
scsi devices are on the same bus.
4) I never did solve the problem of how to boot the system once I installed it.

I was experimenting using the boot floppy and destroyed my original 
Apple Partition Map, so I just went through the regular sysinst 
process.  It works well if you can live with separate / and /usr 
partitions and the lack of MacOS on the same disk.

Unless you are fairly expert I suggest you create a boot floppy and 
forget the mac68k tools.  If you *need* dual boot from the same disk 
then you'll have to wait a bit, though the discussion between Bill S 
and Bob N make it seem like we're pretty close.

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