Subject: Re: making bootable disk for NetBSD/macppc
To: Sandy Ramon <>
From: John Klos <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 08/06/2000 15:25:53
> We could make NetBSD boot from a remote system on a G4 PowerPc using the 
> netbsd-northbridge patch version. However, we have difficulty in making  
> NetBSD bootable harddisk. I guess OpenFirmware and NetBSD should reside on 
> two different partitions. Any suggestion on how to make NetBSD bootable 
> harddisk for macppc?

Open Firmware will not boot the kernel from a UFS disk. UFS and HFS can't
be mixed (well, not easily) yet on the same drive, so you can either burn
a CD with the kernel (HFS), or, if you intend to recompile your kernel
often and don't want to waste a lot of cds, you could attach a small IDE
drive and keep your current kernel on the root of the HFS filesystem on
that drive.

I'm still waiting anxiously to see if anyone knows how to get the kernel
to use a default root partition. It seems that NetBSD is not exactly far
enough along to do unattended boots (something I need, since I'll be
colocating a 12 hour drive away).

If you figure this out, or anyone else does, please post the info!

John Klos