Subject: 10/100 ethernet cards - followup
To: None <>
From: Donald Lee <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/04/2000 12:19:10
Does anyone have the serial ports doing anything useful (besides a
console) on MacPPC NetBSD 1.4.2?

I'm trying this both on a 7600/132 and on a Power Center 132.
They act the same way.

I'm trying to set up dialin PPP, and the serial ports are acting
awfully strange.  It's almost like it's stuck in some strange
combination of parity/lengh, but I can't get anything reasonable.
I *can* sometimes get characters on the line, but seldom the ones

I got a stuck getty a few minutes ago that would not die.  Kill -9
as root had no effect.  (I had to reboot to kill it)