Subject: Re: PPC assembly
To: None <>
From: Andy <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 05/10/2000 08:02:16
Thanks Bill!
>Check the MI loadfile() routine, as it actually loades the file. It lives
>in sys/lib/libsa/loadfile.[hc] . But I expect the -Ttext declaration in
>the kernel build sets it.

What's MI ?
I couldn't find sys/lib/libsa/loadfile.c in the source tree
Are you referring to loadfile() routine in macppc/stand/ofwboot/boot.c ?

>> Does the kernel expect to be in a certain place in memory or it's arbitrary?
>> What other sources of info besides pem32b.pdf would you recommend to
>> understand low level boot on a PPC machine?
>                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>There is no one resource for that info. PReP machines do one thing, real
>OF machines do another, and Apple OF does whatever it wants (and is
>version specific).
That's not very encouraging - but still, can you name a few for Apple

>Welcome to the joys of low-level i/o.
I've always wanted to get into the low level stuff ( I'm currently far
removed from it at my day job )
It's not the hairiness of the code that gets me sometimes, it's the lack of
documentation. Only thanks to the help from people like yourself and others
on this list that took time to answer my questions, the fog  is beginning
to clear a bit..
I really appreciate  your help