Subject: Re: ipnat and NetBSD
To: Andy <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 11/11/1999 16:01:00
On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Andy wrote:

> I'm having trouble configuring ipnat and DHCP client on  a PPC 9500 with 2
> network cards and a RoadRunner cable modem ( which BTW does not reqiure a
> login program to do authorization. Did they take down their TAS??)
>  I have 2 network cards, one internal ( mc0) and a PCI Asante something or
> other (I don't have this machine here so off the top of my head..)
> Anyway, I set up the dhclient stuff per doc found in the FAQ area,
> recompiled the kernel with IPGATEWAY= yes, modified rc.conf, created
> ipnat.conf and ipf.conf, yadda,yadda - all per docs I found in the FAQ.
> Upon reboot here's what happens:
> ifconfig complains: mc0: file not ,found de0: file not found and a sundry

One of the two should be found! You need to give your internal interface a
fixed network address. I use ones in the 10.0.0.X/24 range.

> of other messages most of which I don't remember unfortunately since the
> machine is not where I'm writing this from
> The dhclient gives me a lot of warnings( corrupted lease file among others)
> but assigns an IP.

Don't know much about dhcp, but you shouldn't be seeing these errors every
boot I think..

> Then I see a message from ipnat : "starting. network translation....." but
> it does not show on the process list ( silently fails? proc list is not
> showing it ? )

ipnat is in-kernel, not run as a process. So it won't show up in ps.

> If then I do ifconfig -au (to show all interfaces that are up ) I see both
> mc0 ( internal) and de0 ( PCI Asante card) but it shows that the IP address
> as  on both interfaces!!!


> I can use the Internet and my internal machines can ping me ( which means
> both interfaces are working fine)   ipnat is not running. What am I missing?
> Has anyone successfully done whgat I'm trying to do?
> Pointers to more info??
> Sorry for the confusing message. I will dig for more detailed logs if
> anyone requests them

.conf fines would probably help.

Take care,