Subject: Re: NetBSD/G3 upgrade
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: None <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/22/1999 12:02:36

99/06/22 3:42:30, Bill Studenmund  wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, SUNAGAWA Keiki wrote:

> > MkLinux's bootx (1.0.1 and 1.0.2) faild to boot on the
> > 8100/80 when I tried under System 7.5.3 available on Apple's
> > ftp site...
> This is booting a NetBSD kernel I assume?

Yes, eventually.  I tried just running bootx application without
any kernel (mklinux nor netbsd) on that machine for the first
step.  On  above system, bootx just closed silently or bombed,
not reached kernel-loading stage...

> > Any suggestions?  Do we need to port mac68k's booter
> > application?
> Not necessarily. If we can figure out what exactly bootx wants,
> we might be able to go with it.

Okay, I take a look at bootx sources.

> 2) Get suport for the hardware in these beasts. Most of this
> can be stolen from port-mac68k. nubus would become an MI bus
> (moving from arch/mac68k/nubus to dev/nubus) and other bits of
> the hardare support would get shared. For now, a kernel compile
> could just reach into arch/mac68k.

Or just copy the stuff into arch/macppc/nubus like ADB stuff, in
the mean time.

> 3) Figure out how to make the macppc kernel usable both with and
> without OF. So we can boot the same kernel in both types of
> system.

> I think the latter can be achieved by: a) having two different
> kernel entry points, one for use w/ OF and the other for use when
> booting onto an OF-less machine.

I think the machines that have OF and haven't are different enough
to support separately.  Since early PowerPC Macs without OF are
similar to 68k Macs than ones have OF in hardware design, sharing
divice driver on both type of PowerPC Macs is harder.

> b) make two different mainbus's.
> The current one would only attach if OF were present, and the new
> one would only attach if it were absent.

It might bloat kernel and have bad effect for performance.

Please correct me if I'm missing something.

SUNAGAWA Keiki (at office)