Subject: Re: Keyboard on B/W G3 - This drives me nuts!
To: None <>
From: Hans-Christian Becker <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 06/03/1999 10:58:33
OK everyone, here is the update on my keyboard problems.
(1) A GENERIC kernel built on my trusty 486 from yesterday's source
attaches my USB keyboard, but refuses to accept any keypresses.
(2) With both ADB and USB keyboards attached, I can't get into OF, so I set
the startup disk to be the network.
(3) With a dual-keyboard setup, the USB keyboard is attached to wskbd, and
I can't type anything.
(4) With _only_ the ADB keyboard, I can type in the name of the root
device, but when the boot aborts with "rc.conf not configured", the
keyboard stops working.
I'm getting closer ;-)
Could this really be a problem with binutils, as Tsubai suggested, or is it
just my particular setup that behaves strange? BTW, if anyone could mail me
(or point me to a site where I could grab) a kernel known to work with an
USB keyboard, I would be most grateful.
Best regards,