Subject: Re: Ethernet Card
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-macppc
Date: 04/02/1999 17:36:11

1999/04/02 16:23:31, Viktors Grismanovs  wrote:

> I am trying to install MkLinux on a PowerMac 4400. The problem is in
>  a network connection. I can find a driver for an ethernet card PCI
> (10BASE-T/2). It is not supported by MkLinux, only by Apple
> (NETJOY 1.0.0 software) ...
> Does anyone knows have to solve this problem ?

What kind of Ethernet card do you use?  If you're not sure, let us
the model number and vendor of LSI on your card.

Anyway, you may want to try newest boot floppy from:

Yes it's NetBSD:-)

> Looking forward for your advices,

Hope this helps.