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Slow-system configs [was Re: Adding makemandb as build tool for man.db]

> We should also offer usefull (and documented) slow-systems ssh{d}
> default configurations, even if they are "unsafe" from a modern
> world's PoV.

Speaking as someone who uses slow-by-modern-standards systems
routinely, the biggest win for Internet-exposed systems is likely to be
connection sharing; for non-exposed systems, using key sizes now
considered tiny.

Back when I was building my own ssh implementation, OpenSSH supported
connection sharing mediocrely as a server (it mostly worked but was a
bit crippled) and just about not at all as a client.  It's improved at
least a little since then (the server support is less crippled), but,
since I don't use OpenSSH in general, I don't know how much beyond that

Might be worth looking at, though.

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