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libffi made was: Re: libffi cluebat please?

On 16/08/10 03:06 PM, John Klos wrote:

I have 5.1r3 on a Q610. The files, mostly, in the current pkgsrc
either make and install or caution against installing for security
The remaining, gramps, geneweb and python2.6 and others, depend on
being able to install libffi.
libffi expects cachectl.h which I cannot 'find' nor 'tree -f' .

Could I have a Lifeline, please?

I erroneously thought that cachectl.h was available on all m68k ports.
I'll check to see what can be done about that.


libffi, with the most recent patch from the current pkgsrc:
 make and make install were successful. Much Appreciated!

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