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Kernel booting failures


I have a Quadra 630 on which I've been testing NetBSD 5.1 (RC3, at the moment). I've been having trouble booting a recent kernel. The Booter under MacOS has been giving me:

Failed to set kernel symbol _boothowto.

for NetBSD-5.1_RC2 and 5.1_RC3 kernels (from ftp.netbsd.org and self-built), and has been telling me "the kernel is not in a recognized format" or the likes regarding a kernel from the netbsd-5 tree from nyftp.netbsd.org from the 19th of July. The most recent kernel I can boot is a self made one from 28-June-2010 (RC2).

Does anyone have any ideas about where to look for a solution?

Some more information: MacOS is 8.1, Booter is 2.0.1a1 (plus I've tried Booter marked 2.0.0 which comes from the netbsd-5 source tree), the boot drive is on the SCSI bus, and the first partition is 63 gigs. Booter is given 10240k of memory and the system has 196 megs of memory.

If I move a non-working kernel to the HFS boot partition and tell Booter to load that, it boot just fine.


John Klos

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