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Re: NetBSD 5.0.2 problems on IIci

At 9:13 Uhr -0500 15.3.2010, Johnson, Stanley J. (JSC-OH211) wrote:
>Hello.  I've had some trouble getting NetBSD 5.0.2 working on a Mac IIci.
>The GENERICSBC kernel boots (the GENERIC kernel hangs at boot),

...which is normal. As long as one of the two SCSI drivers work, you're fine.

> and there
>are no errors logged that I can find, but most commands, especially ones
>that use the network, seem slow.

How responsive is your DNS server? How much time takes a 'host

>  For example, it takes about 20 to 30
>seconds for a "w" command to return, and telnet and ftp are extremely slow
>to connect.
> [...]
>Also, X worked only for root (may be a permissions problem; I don't
>remember the error message).

Have you tried startx, or running xdm(8)?

>As a test, I installed 1.6.2, and it works great, even X.

I'd guess it has seen a lot more testing on 68030 Macs than NetBSD 5. I've
got this IIsi running 1.5.4 statically linked, C News, nnrpd(8), named,
thttpd and sshd in 17 MB...

>The IIci has a Daystar PPC card, but it's configured to boot using the
>68030.  I don't remember what brand of network card I'm using but I can
>check if it would help (the interface comes up as ae0).  The system has
>128 MB memory, an internal 18 GB Seagate ST318417N disk and an external 4
>GB disk,

That's certainly plenty. You could build a kernel optimized for 68030 (see
SMALLRAM); replacing the CPU card with a IIci cache card would give you a
~30% boost.

But I guess NetBSD has grown a lot of code that does the little machines
not much good, unfortunately.


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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