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Re: port-mac68k/37474: After installing a system, booting into it, and mounting /, I get a message saying that the magic numbers don't match upon reboot.

Another update to this thread for anyone who cares. I find that the stable 4.0 GENERICSBS kernel will actually boot into a working 3.1 (patched) system from the MacOS partition. Recent daily builds of 4.0, however, give me:

"panic:  Illegal instruction", or "panic:  MMU fault"

We're not headed in the right direction when it comes to Powerbook 1xx machines, folks.

Oh, I put the Apple 1.3GB ATA drive piggybacked on a SCSI converter card back in my Powerbook 180 as it didn't seem to be what was causing the problem with 4.0. The GENERICSBC kernel still boots into single user mode when installed on / but still gives me, "Magic numbers do not match -- Improper UFS partition" when I mount / and try to boot into multi-user mode.

Any thoughts?

On Jan 5, 2008, at 10:34 AM, Thomas Carlson wrote:

Here is an update to this thread. I have gone ahead and replaced the hard drive (Apple 1.3GB ATA drive piggybacked on a SCSI converter card) on my Powerbook 180 with a standard issue SCSI Apple/IBM 320MB drive to see if that was the problem. Daily builds of NetBSD 3.1 (patched) now run fine using the GENERIC kernel. Daily builds of 4.0, however still exhibit the same behavior as before: The GENERIC kernel hangs at "scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle..." (obviously, the bug fixes in the patched 3.1 kernel were not incorporated into 4.0) The GENERICSBC kernel boots into single user mode just fine, but when I attempt to mount / and boot into multi-user mode... Magic numbers do not match -- Improper UFS partition. Could not open kernel "netbsd". Has anyone reported that 4.0 is actually working on a Powerbook 1xx?


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