Subject: Re: Documentation for graphics cards
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 08/29/2007 14:42:36
> I definitely have some RAM of those specs, however the 475 only has a
> single slot and it will be hard to find anything larger than 16 MiB,
> giving you a total of only 20 MiB.  I know for a fact the largest I have
> is 16 MiB.

My LC 475 and Quadra 605 both run great with a single 128MB SIMM in each. 
I purchased many, many such SIMMs as surplus from HP Pentium servers (I
forget the part number, but they are ECC FPM SIMMs I believe, and I can
check if anyone is interested) for cheap from ebay a few years ago. 
Tracking down the 512k VRAM chips to upgrade the onboard video was
actually much harder.

What I'd really, really like to get my hands on however is the Dayna
BlueStreak 100Base-T PDS ethernet card.  Never seen one in real life, but
it is the only 100Base-T PDS ethernet card ever made.

- Nate