Subject: Re: 3.0.1 SE/30 & IIci init problem
To: Marco Trillo <>
From: Bryan Vyhmeister <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 09/08/2006 11:57:33
On Sep 8, 2006, at 9:09 AM, Marco Trillo wrote:

> Try to reboot into single-user mode (check the bok in the Booter
> options) and fix it from here (note that you might need to mount the
> /usr partition manually to get access to /usr/bin -- to use an editor
> -- and, if you want to use vi(1), set the TERM environment variable).

Well, I attempted using single user mode which did not work. It still  
mounts read-only and I cannot use mount -rw /. I get the following  

mount: /: unknown special file or file system

I also tried checking the box to ask for partitions manually. I tried  
using this with and without single user mode and I specified sd0a as  
root and sd0b as swap with sd0a as type generic (which is the  
default) as well as ffs. All attempts ended with the same result above.