Subject: Re: Beowulf
To: David Rogers <>
From: William Duke <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/11/2005 20:25:47
You and I are in the same boat.  I've been reading an online book that was
written by a physics(?) professor at Duke University, and he says that all
of the machines that make up the Beowulf should be similar. i.e. same
processor, RAM, etc.

I have enough machines laying around that I could possibly whip something
together using mismatched machines, but I think I'll see if I can hunt down
a couple more Q700s.   If not, I know where I could possibly get my hands on
a bunch of LC III Macs for cheap.

I figure a 24-port 10baseT 3Com LinkSwitch 1000 should be more than
sufficient to handle the network requirements of a 68k Beowulf.

I'm still looking for a use for my proposed mac68k Beowulf, too.



> From: David Rogers <>
> Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:31:29 -0500
> To: "Joshua Coombs" <>
> Cc: "William Duke" <>, <>
> Subject: Re: Beowulf
> I've been contemplating doing this with the several IIci's that I
> have.  All I need is a few more hard drives and I'm gonna give it a
> try...I just don't know what for yet though...
> dave rogers
> On Oct 11, 2005, at 11:27 AM, Joshua Coombs wrote:
>> I don't see why it couldn't be done.  I've absolutely no experience
>> with HPC setups, but I love pushing old hardware into new tasks,
>> how can I help? : )
>> Joshua Coombs
>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "William Duke" <>
>> To: <>
>> Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 12:13 PM
>> Subject: Beowulf
>>> I'm curious as to whether anybody has ever tinkered with the idea
>>> of setting
>>> up a 68k Mac Beowulf cluster using NetBSD?  I did do a quick
>>> search on
>>> Google and found that somebody in Japan was working on a 68k Mac
>>> based HPC.
>>> I think it would be an interesting project.   24 Quadra 700's or
>>> Quadra
>>> 605's running BSD or Linux, doing some high performance, relatively
>>> speaking, computing.   I already have one Quadra 700 and an old 24
>>> port
>>> 10baseT switch that I could use.
>>> Hmm, I just need 23 more Quadras to really start some super-
>>> computing...