Subject: Re: Install problem in 2.0
To: Mac 68k NetBSD <>
From: Mark Benson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/24/2005 20:04:06
On Jan 24, 2005, at 08:35 am, Terence Tan wrote:

> What basically happens is, sysinstall forgets to mount your hard 
> disks. Then it can't find any place to download the archives to before 
> installing them.

Nice... :o)

> I advise installing as far as you can before getting the error, then 
> just before you do: press ctrl-z to background the installer, mount 
> all your filesystems under /targetroot (for example, "mount /dev/sd0c 
> /targetroot" - but substitute your own drive names! Also be sure to 
> mount your other drives in the right place. This is a summary, if 
> you're not sure exactly what needs to be done, please ask on the 
> list), then type "fg" to switch back to the installer. Then continue 
> your install.

Partitions map out as:

/dev/sd0b = swap
/dev/sd0a = /
/dev/sd0g = /usr
/dev/sd0f = /home

How do I go about mounting these?

> Also, it does not write "/etc/fstab", so you'll want to do this 
> yourself after the install but prior to rebooting. If you're not sure 
> what to put here, again, ask and we'll sort it out.

What do I do about the SWAP partition? In fact what should my 
/etc/fstab file look like?

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