Subject: [Slightly OT] Router advice
To: None <>
From: Damiano Giorgi <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/29/2004 14:59:00
Hello everybody,

I'm considering throwing away my old 56k and switching to DSL, and I would 
like to have a UNIX machine set up as a router for my mini-LAN. I've got an 
old LC475 which has several pros (quiet, very low power consumption, quite 
stable with NetBSD-softfloat), but one big problem: it can have (and has) 
only one network card. I know that what I want to accomplish is possible 
using interface aliases, but my question is, are there any serious 
drawbacks in doing that? I remember having read somewhere that having a 
router with only one network interface is not secure -- is that true? And 
while we are at it, where can I find info on how to do that with NetBSD and 
ipfilter? I did a quick search but nothing interesting came up.

Thanks in advance,

Damiano Giorgi