Subject: Re: What would you consider to be the "best" system for NetBSD/mac68k?
To: Smith Family <>
From: Joey C <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/02/2004 15:51:15
> ... My question, then, is
> this: what would you consider to be the "best" (hardware compatibility,
> speed, etc.) to run NetBSD on?

Well, I haven't had much experience with too many Macs, but I think that my 
Performa 450 (LCIII with a 33MHz Processor) seems to do a fine job except for 
the fact that the Floppy Drive isn't supported, which is a major setback.  
Everything else runs fine.  It even does some XFree86, although I haven't had 
a chance to try the color version.  If you have an LCIII or anything, it 
would definitely work, except I think that the floppy drive would still not 
work.  My Mac went from having a pretty laggy Mac OS 7.1p2 to NetBSD 1.6.1 
and soon to be a NetBSD 2.0 when I get a chance to try it out.  Hope this 

110 OEY