Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Sysinst_1=2E6=2E2_doesn=B4t_work_on_PB_150?=
To: None <>
From: <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 03/06/2004 09:58:17
I installed 1=2E6=2E1 some time ago on my Powerbook 150 using a custom sy=
sinst kernel by =

Takeshi Shibagaki (thanks a lot)

I thought his progress would be included in 1=2E6=2E2 release=2C but mayb=
e this would require =

several different kernels=2E As far as I know the important differences s=
eem to be=3A

=2E- 68020=2C30 FPU =7C 68020=2C30 no FPU =7C 68040 =7C broken LC 68040
=2E- optional=3F IDE support (PB 150=2C Performa 630=2C and and others=3F=
=2E- Any other basic option that I am missing (very possible=2C since I r=
eally don=B4t have the =

necessary knowledge=3F

If all of the possible combinations are needed it would yield 2 x 4 x 2 =3D=
 16 kernels=2E
(for example=2C AFAIK IDE machines are FPU-less=2C so just 10 kernels=2C =
unless custom modified =

machines are taken into account)

I ask to see if the list can clarify the above to me=3A How many differen=
t install kernels would be =

necesary to cover all supported macs to the point where one can compile a=
nd install a =

custom kernel (be it locally or cross-compiling on a bigger machine)=3F

Gerardo Alvarez

=3E Kazu Inanaga wrote=3A

=3E By the way=2C Bruce ONeel is going to make a nice=2C small=2C new ker=
=3E including instkernel for the FPU-less =27030s=2E I=27m so exited abou=
t =

=3E testingthem =3A)