Subject: Re: Browsers
To: MacBSD <>
From: Riccardo Mottola <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 02/24/2004 18:52:05
on 2/22/04 6:36 AM, Tim McNamara at wrote:

> Are there any modern X-based browsers for mac68k 1.6.1?  mMosaic will
> build, but mis-renders even simple html.  Mosaic will not build without
> having to get around the "unacceptable" license, but would I suspect
> have the same problems with rendering html.  None of the mozilla
> variants will build from pkgsrc and none are available as prebuilt
> binaries in the package system.  galeon will not build as it requires
> mozilla be installed first (not the cleverest coding, that).  dillo is
> DOA, crashing instantly after launching.

This is a good question here. DIllo should work. the new version 0.8.0 is
even almost usable :)
you can also use links (lynxs ehnacment) which does not only text browing,
but with links-g graphics too.

Unfortunately, I think the browser panroama is not pretty. New stuff is just
big and bloated, even on far faster computers.

It is amazing how difficult it seem sto have a decent web browser...