Subject: Re: nubus 8-24GC memory
To: Kazuyuki Inanaga <>
From: Cameron Kaiser <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/19/2004 07:27:19
> > Anyone know where I can get memory to populate this thing?
> Macintosh Display Card 8*24GC
> The photo is small and dark, it seems that VRAM is soldered on the card,
> isn't it? Are you talking about other chip or any different card?

There is already 2MB of VRAM on the card, but you can upgrade to a total of
10MB using 64-pin SIMMs of the same specification as the IIfx (which makes
sense since the 8*24*GC was the IIfx's flagship video card). However, this
upgrade is expensive and not many applications can use the "huge" 10MB of
GWorld cache this makes possible in MacOS, let alone anything else.

This being said, the 8*24*GC is my all-time favourite card, as I never have
trouble finding them, they have nice output, and they are very speedy for
the money. Since I use 7.1 on all my non-NetBSD 68ks, the QuickDraw
acceleration control panel works without a problem, and the speed increase
is noticible (particularly on systems like the IIsi).

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