Subject: Re: IIsi Ethernet
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Paul Lieberman <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 08/09/2003 18:50:52
 Thanks for the quick reply. I swaped the NIC for an even older older Kenetics (Shiva-Novell) Etherport II Nubus card with a Nubus adaptor for the IIsi. Once again works fine under MacOS but hangs under NetBSD. 
 I see very few cards are supported on the IIsi according to the table at but then this page hasn't been updated since 1997.

Frederick Bruckman wrote:

>On Sat, 9 Aug 2003, Paul Lieberman wrote:
>>I just dug my old Mac IIsi out of the closet in hopes of getting NetBSD
>>running on it. Install went fine. Boot messages show sn0 as a DaynaPORT
>>E/si and correctly show the MAC address. Any attempt to ifconfig the
>>interface resutls in a complete hang requiring a power cycle. I tried it
>>with /etc/ifconfig.sn0 as well as a manual
>>ifconfig sn0 inet netmask
>>same results. By the way the network works fine from MacOS.
>>What to do?
>Try a different card? I have two interfaces in my Quadra 630, an
>Asante in the communication slot (sm0), and a Sonic based adapter
>in the PDS slot (sn0), both bought on EBay. I think sm0 used to work
>under NetBSD, but lately it either doesn't work, or hangs the system,
>so I just use the other one.
>You say it correctly shows the MAC address, but interestingly, mine
>shows '00:00:94:0a:51:b6' when in Mac OS, as viewed in the syslog on
>the DHCP server, but '00:00:29:50:8a:6d' when booting into NetBSD,
>which also matches the result of "ifconfig" on the Mac. See the
>pattern? That's not the problem, though, as that card works fine.