Subject: Re: LC040 mk.conf tuning
To: MacBSD <>
From: Riccardo Mottola <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/09/2003 15:38:04
on 7/9/03 5:20 AM, Space Case at wrote:

> Not so...  The C610 was a LC040 machine; the top-end C610s had ethernet
> on the motherboard.  That's what I had.

wow didn't know that. So I must be a "lucky" Q610 owner. BTW, i think it is
a nice machine in a nice case. like the old SparcStations, I miss this
formfator in modern world.

I hope that in this whole LC040 discussion you will not forget that there
are fpu-less 030 computers that would rejoy with a wokring fpu-emulation
kernel. Or if you make a "LC" distribution and do not want to also fix the
kernel... don't forget us LC2/LC3 owners.